Unemployment in South Africa is like a disease without a cure. There is a causal link between unemployment and the deterioration in health status according to U Janlert - ‎1997 Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, UmeΓ₯ University, Swedden. There are more symptoms that South Africa is a sick nation due to unemployment.  

Unemployed men drink a lot

Furthermore, a link unemployed men, especially the young, increase their alcohol consumption as compared with employed referents. If you look at young people in South Africa, how are they dedicated to alcohol abuse is beyond control? Does Unemployment Lead to Greater Alcohol Consumption? 

The answer is yes, supported by facts. 

All results show a positive and significant effect of unemployment on drinking habits, and the findings are sound to various sensitivity tests. The researchers also discovered that as unemployment rates increase, risky and excessive drinking habits also increase among those who still had a job.  Unemployed persons are smokers to a higher degree than employed persons, and smokers have a higher risk of becoming unemployed.

 #KFCProposal video 

We have witness brands came together to help give #KFCProposal couple a perfect wedding.  Let's not take away they great moment with our problems, but if we can apply the same unit to eradicate unemployment, that will be beneficial to everyone. 

This includes brands like PUMA, Takealot, FNB, Audi, TOTAL, Ster-Kinekor, as well as public figures including DJ PH, DJ Fresh, K Naomi, Zakes Bantwini. As usual, Social Media has been abuzz this week with different topics from Springboks, Black Friday amongst others