Karan Oberoi aka KO

Karan Oberoi aka KO is an Indian model who is widely known for his style and macho body. Hailing from the capital city of India, New Delhi, he is a well-known face in India when it comes to modeling. 

The Indian modeling industry has seen a significant change over the last 5 years, where fitness models have started succeeding fashion models that were never seen before. In fact, according to the leading website’s survey, fitness models hold more popularity than fashion models, be it Instagram or facebook. Models that are really fit with great body and sex appeal are widely searched and being followed by the masses. 

In the last decade, India has produced many such names, but a few became very popular and known widely for their physique. One such name that we have today is Karan Oberoi popular among youth as KO because of the fittest model tag associated with his name. Karan was also voted as top fitness model by HT Brunch Magazine, when it was widely searched which model holds more popularity when it comes to body, muscles, and definitely career graph. 

Everyone wants to get associated somewhere with the top fitness model title, but do you think that is easy? Here are 5 reasons, why leading model Karan Oberoi was voted as a top fitness model, which I found while watching this sensational video on Youtube which also tells us why he’s a perfect youth icon:
  • Reason 1: Having a body is one thing, but having that appeal and so too so proportionate is rarest to find. This man has it all, not just a great Body! But the perfect style and handsome face also. The majority of men in India think that if they have a heavenly body, they can be a fitness model, surely they can. But to be a top fitness model, you need a great organization that is not just attractive but also compliments with a handsome and charming face and personality.
  • Reason 2: Karan is all-natural, he has never taken the help of steroids to have a lean and muscular physique. Instead, he has worked hard with patience to get what you see. He has found proper techniques with the help of fitness supplements to look like a lean machine.
  • Reason 3: KO doesn’t involve in vices, keeps himself away from every possible addiction. KO emphasizes that if one is to have a great body, it is our primary duty not to drink alcohol, not to smoke cigarettes, and live far away from drugs. This is also one more important reason why he was chosen as the top fitness model in India.
  • Reason 4: He’s disciplined, sleeps on time, gets up on time at 5 am every day. He also takes his meals on time, which is very important to be a top fitness model of the country, which I think can be one more important reason that puts him in the big league.
  • Reason 5: He’s famous and inspirational, so many people follow him on his social media profile. People are mad to look at his post. There is no doubt he’s inspirational while looking at his videos, it allows you to take one step forward towards fitness even though you are not a fitness freak. His inspirational personality can inspire any guy or girl who is struggling to get a fit body.