• - Captain Siya Kolisi has returned to his hometown a Rugby World Cup champion
  • - The Springboks took their Trophy Tour to the humble town of Zwide, Port Elizabeth
  • - Throngs of supporters took to the street to shout on their homeboy who excited hope in countless hearts

Captain Siya Kolisi has returned to his hometown Zwide as a Rugby World Cup champion. The Springboks noted off the Webb Ellis trophy in the Port Elizabeth town as the hero of their Trophy Tour.

While the tour has enabled citizens to receive in on the celebrations and display the national team some love, things haven't been smooth sailing. After disappointing Durban fans recently, the team was left apologizing for skipping other parts of PE.

A statement on the situation clarified that time constraints had meant cutting things short: "Humble apologies to the northern areas of PE today who missed out on our planned visit. Massive crowds, congestion and awaiting a flight to Cape Town meant an unavoidable last-minute route change. We are as disappointed as you, and we do apologize sincerely."