TV Technology

While searching for a good TV set, you will probably come across different technologies that deal in HDTV sets. All these great technologies have one common goal and that’s to provide a great quality picture. The latest technology for any product will often times make the previous version obsolete and we can totally see a clear difference between them.

But, the picture is not entirely dependent on the TV technology, it’s also on your cable connection too. Your cable service provider plays an important role in making your TV experience amazing. My trust has always been with Mediacom Cable TV. I’ve been a loyal Mediacom customer for five years because they have proven to me that they can provide the best and most reliable cable TV that I’ve ever come across. I’d suggest you give Mediacom a try so that you can experience cable TV at its best, but that’s if you have Mediacom coverage in your area. Else, maybe a satellite TV provider will be the best fit for you, especially when you're living in a rural area. You can head to to read more about satellite TV.

Here are 3 different TV technologies that are the most popular among consumers:

1. LED:

LED (Light Emitting Diode) TV’s are basically LCD’s but contain a different light producing method. In order to produce an image in and LCD TV, the display pixels need to light up. But LED screens are smaller, and so more efficient LED lights are used to produce a clearer image.

LED has two types:

Edge Lit LED TV:

  • The LED lights are placed on the edge of the screen as the name suggests. As soon as it is turned on, the LED lights on the edge of the television spread out on the panel and produce a fine image showing every little detail.
  • The biggest advantage of Edge Lit LED TV is that it consumes less power than other LED and LCD TVs.

Back-lit LED TV:

  • Back-lit LED TV has the lights arranged behind the screen just as traditional LCD TVs have. This technology also has two different types:
  • Back-lit with local dimming and without local dimming. Edge Lit LED TV’s are cheaper than that of the Back-lit LED TVs.
  • LED TVs have its own advantages and is more efficient and brighter as compared to the fluorescent light based LCDs.

2. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display):

  • LCD took a while to find its place, mainly due to the costly pricing and acceptance in the market. But, once it got a foothold it actually ruled the market for quite a long time. Today, it is a very common piece of technology and is available for a reasonable price. A broad range of LCD TV’s provide an even broader range of features.
  • LCD TV’s come with non-reflective screens which actually consume less electricity.
  • LCD also has a smarter version called ELCD that are immune to the “Burn-ins” and is a better choice as compared to the typical LCD Screen. 

Plasma TV:

  • This was the first flat screen TV technology and it ruled the market when it was released. But now its market is being completely wiped out by the latest LED and LCD technology.
  • Most people enjoy their LED TV but have no idea that a great cable connection is just as important as a great TV, in order to enjoy the TV at its best. If you feel your cable provider is lacking in this regard, I’d suggest you check out Local Cable Deals’ affordable cable TV, internet and phone packages by clicking here. You might as well experience TV at its best with Spectrum if you’re paying for a high-end TV.