In our present era, everyone loves taking selfies. Most of our smartphones are filled with selfies, and phone manufacturers have marked an edge to produce quality front phone cameras. We also love posting these pictures on our social media and especially the images we take with celebrities.
Recently the most trending subject of the web is “Dorian Rossini”. Our world’s internet is such a bizarre platform as simple keywords can make you popular in minutes. Dorian Rossini is a product of the viral and his popularity surged after some people started searching for his name. Without further ado, let’s focus on knowing who Dorian Rossini.

Dorian Rossini

Who is Dorian Rossini?

Born in 1990, Dorian Rossini is a France musical artist who is famous for two tracks; Starmania and Religion. He is a controversial figure who claimed that he was a reincarnation of God in 2012. Well, the bizarre statement made him equally famous and hated in equal measure.
In 2012 again he was spotted nude during the Year 5 of Angels casting. Notwithstanding, he also posted a naked image of himself in 2013 New Year’s Eve and wished his fans a happy new year. The music star is not the best or most famous music star but with the buzz going on around of “taking a selfie with him” he can reach the peak of his musical career.
The star is born to a Jazz musician father and a kindergarten teacher mother whose details remain unknown to the public. Though many see Dorian as a weak and lost kid, he sees himself differently; that of a God since he is unstoppable in his dreams.

Dorian Rossini selfee

How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini?

The top of how to take selfies with Dorian Rossini started trending in 2012 after a YouTube interview video with him circulated the web. From the video, Dorian Rossini said the “How to take selfies with Dorian Rossini” in the French language.
Immediately, the comment made him hot on the internet. He had recently captioned a selfie photo which religious people termed it as “inappropriate” making him famous all over the internet. He now has over 140,000 Twitter followers, and over 40,000 Facebook likes on his accounts.
For fans who can’t get enough of the viral celeb, here is a definitive guide to taking a selfie with him:
i. Go to “Google’ and search “Dorian Rossini.”
ii. Scroll to the “images” tab and choose your favorite picture of the star.
iii. Download your favorite photo of the star
iv. Go to Google PlayStore and search for a Photoshop app
v. Open the Photoshop and place your picture beside that of the star.
Alternatively, if you have plenty of bucks in your pocketbook a plane ticket and travel to France. In the country, explore the beautiful city of Paris and its environs. While in France check the schedule of Dorian Rossini for an insight into where he will be. Attend the venue and probably enjoy taking a selfie with Dorian Rossini. The good side is you won’t regret visiting France.