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Die Vreemdeling
Die Vreemdeling 

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Tuesday 1 October 2019
Episode 57

Hulya shows Korhan the video records of Cahide trying her plastic belly on in the video, saying that fooling Korhan is easy.

Riza thinks he'll only be safe if he's by Cesur's side. Cesur agrees to help Riza. Cesur admits that he doesn't want to get divorced. 

Cahide begs Korhan to listen to her, that she's actually pregnant this time. Korhan throws her out of his place.

Riza leaves Cesur's place saying he can't stay somewhere people don't trust him. At the moment where he says goodbye, Riza is shot as someone tries to shoot Cesur.

Wednesday 2 October 2019
Episode 58

Cesur's first condition is that everyone dance, so they pretend that nothing bad ever happened. After the dance Cesur says that he won't get divorced. 

The beggar calls Suhan. He wants 100,000 TL in return for telling her who killed Cesur's mother. Suhan prepares the money and meets him.

Cesur, who had followed Sirin, runs after the beggar to catch him. He manages to catch him and makes him confess. That's when he finds out that the murderer is Riza. 

Thursday 3 October 2019
Episode 59

Riza falls into the trap and he and the beggar are arrested. Suhan and Cesur get divorced; they both accept it in court, but neither really wanted to.

Riza sees Hulya and recognizes her because Turhan showed him a picture of her in prison. 

Cesur calls Suhan to ask why she was angry after Cesur accepted the divorce. Tahsin interrupts Korhan’s meeting and is angry at him for being so stupid. 

Suhan is looking for a place to stay; she wants to get away from Cesur and her father.

Friday 4 October 2019
Episode 60

Half of the employees of the Korludag company are fired. Cesur wants the employees who are still working at the company to go on strike. Suhan and Tahsin have a fight and she leaves saying he’ll never see her face again.

Korhan throws Cahide out of the house after she gives him the pregnancy test results from three different doctors.

Sirin suspects Suhan might be pregnant because she often feels dizzy. Suhan sees the doctor the next day - she is indeed pregnant. Ahmet is buried.

Monday 7 October 2019
Episode 61

Cesur speaks to Riza and tells him the guy who is following him is Salih. Suhan can’t reach Korhan by phone. Tete calls Suhan to say she got a letter from him.

Riza visits Adalet in prison. He wants to know why Adalet hates him so much.

Suhan reads the letter from Korhan. It’s a suicide note. She drives to Nisantasi and Cesur follows her and stops her on the way. He drives her to Nisantasi because she is in distress.

Suhan and Cesur arrive in Nisantasi to find Korhan on the floor. They get there just in time to get him to the hospital and save his life.

Tahsin doesn’t read Korhan’s farewell letter and doesn’t seem relieved to learn he is ok. He thinks Korhan does this to get attention.

Suhan shares with Sirin that she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know if she’ll have an abortion or not.

Tuesday 8 October 2019
Episode 62

Korhan speaks to his dad once he recovers. He wants to know if his father really never loved him. During the conversation, Tahsin admits he was at the crime scene to save Adalet.

It turns out that Cesur persuaded Korhan to talk to his father to get information that could lead them to the truth.

Riza, Salih, and Cesur start to carry out their plan. Salih brings Tahsin to the warehouse. Riza points his gun at Salih as Cesur comes into the warehouse. Cesur shows Tahsin the record he has. 

Sirin finds the file in Riza’s bag while he’s out.

Hulya puts her baby in front of the Korludag farm and leaves. Suhan visits the company and sees Cesur in her father’s office. Korhan hears from the doctor that Suhan is pregnant.

Tete wants to tell Tahsin about the baby she found in front of the door but he doesn’t listen. 

Wednesday 9 October 2019
Episode 63

Riza asks Cesur for money because he helped Cesur get the shares of the company. He says he’ll give the shares back to the employees and Suhan.

Sirin hasn’t been around since morning, when she found the pictures of Suhan while Riza hid in his room. 

Hulya meets Tahsin. She explains she only had the baby because Cahide wanted it and she won’t be able to take care of it by herself. 

The whole family looks for Sirin. Tahsin wants Suhan to get rid of Cesur and to marry someone else and give him a grandchild. 

Cahide visits Korhan and gives him the DNA results; the child is his. Cesur talks to Sirin. He knows that Suhan is hiding something from him. 

It’s the first company meeting without Tahsin. Suhan thinks Cesur got the company the same way her father did.

Thursday 10 October 2019
Episode 64

Korhan calls Suhan and Cesur to the company without letting either one of them know about the other. Cahide stays at home and takes care of Hulya’s child. Cesur finds Riza in his office when he comes home late.

Although Suhan and Cahide don’t really want to talk to each other, Suhan helps Cahide take care of the baby. 

Cesur gets a letter saying, “I know how you got rich, let’s meet and make an agreement.” The guy who wrote the letter wants a lot of money in one day. 

Friday 11 October 2019
Episode 65

Sirin talks to Cesur and tells him that Suhan is angry because Cesur accepted the divorce. Tahsin is founding a new company. He wants Bulent to be his partner. 

Cesur calls the doctor for an abortion and Korhan hears her call. 

Rifat brings Orhan the money he wants. Korhan tells Cesur that Suhan is pregnant. He wants Cesur to stop her from having an abortion.

Suhan says she had an abortion but she stopped the doctors during the operation. Cesur sees his mother in his dream and asks her to forgive him. 

It’s the trial day. Tahsin still has nothing to prove he didn’t kill Cesur’s mother. It got confirmed that the cage where Cesur’s mother got killed was controlled by a remote control. 

Monday 14 October 2019
Episode 66

Rifat wants money from Salih. There’s one witness the officials are looking for. It’s the warden of the warehouse.

Suhan proposes she’ll look for him because the warden’s daughter once worked for her. Salih steals money from Tahsin’s room. He gets caught by Sirin.

Cesur follows Suhan because he knows she’s after the warden. Cahide finds Korhan’s new address with the help of Bulent. Cahide is afraid of Hulya and speaks with Korhan about it. 

Aynur, the warden’s daughter, hasn't seen her father since the incident. Korhan allows Cahide to stay at his new place, just for the baby.

Cesur and Suhan are after the warden and his new lover. They attend a wedding at an hotel where the mistress might be.

Tuesday 15 October 2019
Episode 67

Salih doesn’t give Riza the money he wants. Cesur and Suhan find the warden's mistress. Cahide suspects Korhan might be seeing another woman and tries to find clues.

Cesur and Suhan have to stay in the same room because there’s no other option at the hotel.

Tahsin visits Adalet. Riza shows up because he wants them both not to forget their sins. Cahide can’t stand to stay with Korhan because he keeps on blaming her. She leaves to get back to the farm. Cesur and Suhan find the warden. 

Wednesday 16 October 2019
Episode 68

The warden gives Cesur Salih’s name. Tahsin receives a CD, he watches and sees Salih beside the cage where Cesur’s mother was killed. Salih says this will end Tahsin’s life in the record.

Tahsin meets Salih in the forest. Tahsin says he’ll tell everything to the police. Salih threatens Tahsin with shooting him if he doesn’t give him the CD. They fight and a shot goes off. Cesur looks for Salih. He gets caught by the police and sees Salih’s dead body.

The police manager accuses Cesur of having killed Salih. Tahsin is in panic because he killed Salih, he wants to wash his clothes with blood stains on it. Cahide doesn’t allow him and takes the clothes. Tete heard from Tahsin that Salih killed Cesur’s mother. 

Thursday 17 October 2019
Episode 69

The police come to the farm. They tell the family Salih was found dead and their main suspect is Cesur. 
Suhan tries to talk to her father.

Turhan sees Riza. He tells him that he’ll take the baby away and leave. Riza has another idea; he wants Turhan to work for him instead of living a poor life.

Cahide brings Tahsin’s shirt and says the blood stain has been cleaned. Cesur takes the policemen to the point where he allegedly hides his gun. As they arrive at the forest, he takes the police manager’s gun and points it at the manager. Cesur runs away from the police and they chase him. 

The police manager asks for Suhan’s help to follow Rifat. They know Cesur will ask him for help. Riza wants Tahsin to give him the Korludag hotel. Suhan finds Rifat and gives him a box, saying it’s a gift for Cesur.

In the box, there’s a monitoring device given to her by the police.

Friday 18 October 2019
Episode 70

Riza watches the recording he made of Salih and Tahsin fighting. He sees a small boy with a bicycle passing. He goes to the place of incident; Cesur and Suhan also find it. Suhan sees blood on the leaves.

Riza watches them from a distance. Cesur sees the traces of the bicycle wheels and finds an eraser with “Ali” written on it. Suhan goes to the school in Korludag to find the child.

Suhan find’s the child’s house but Ali’s mother doesn’t want her son to talk to Suhan. Bulent meets Banu to find out where Cesur is, but Banu doesn’t help him.

Monday 21 October 2019
Episode 71

Turhan kidnaps the child who saw Tahsin and Salih fighting. Sirin tells Suhan that she knows who killed her father. She says it was Riza. She also suspects that her father really might have killed Cesur’s mother. 

Ali’s mother calls Suhan. She wants Cesur to come to her place because she heard Cesur is a suspect. Suhan goes into Riza’s room in the hotel to look around. Turhan calls the police to say he saw Cesur as Cesur is about to visit Ali’s mother. Ali manages to escape from the place they hide them.

Cesur runs away from the police again. Suhan takes him with the car and they escape. Ali and his mother go to the police station with Mihriban to tell them what Ali had seen in the forest. Hulya hears Cahide speaking on the phone with Turhan. Cahide falls down the stairs as Hulya threatens her.

Tuesday 22 October 2019
Episode 72

The police manager says he can’t accept it as a proof because the CD was stolen. From the security cameras, he learns Suhan stole it. Suhan and Cesur try to persuade the police manager; they think Riza has something to do with Salih’s and Cesur’s mother’s death.

The police manager puts Cesur in the same jail where Tahsin is. He wants them to speak and make peace.
Mihriban goes home and finds Bulent and Banu together. Cesur tells Tahsin that he knows Tahsin is not the murderer of his mother.

Cahide tells Korhan about the blood stain on Tahsin’s shirt she saw the other day. Riza persuades the beggar to surrender.  Sirin and Kemal want to leave Cesur’s place, seeing as though Sirin’s father killed Cesur’s mother. Mihriban identifies the guy who kidnapped the kid. 

Wednesday 23 October 2019
Episode 73

Riza and Cesur see each other at the city center. Cesur says he’ll send him back to prison sooner or later.
Suhan visits her mother’s grave. She tells her that she can’t leave her father to build a new life anymore. 
Mihriban announces at the company’s meeting that she is a candidate to become mayor.

Turhan visits Hulya. He says he’ll take baby from her soon. Kemal hears Cesur and Sirin talking about Riza attacking her and why she can’t tell Kemal. Tahsin Korludag wins the bid. Bulent helps him to get information on Korhan’s offer.

Cesur gets permission to talk to the beggar. He doesn’t believe he murdered Salih. He tries to warn the beggar about what might happen to him, but the beggar refuses to talk to him. Cahide tries to have a relationship with Korhan like they used to but it doesn’t work.

Thursday 24 October 2019
Episode 74

The beggar wants more money and Riza wants Turhan to get rid of him. There’s a reception in Korludag. Tahsin will join together with Suhan. Riza announces to all guests that he’s the new owner of the hotel.
Suhan talks to Cesur about her father’s illness.

Cahide argues with Korhan upon seeing him talking to a woman about work. She accuses him of cheating on her. Adalet tells Tahsin she won’t contact him anymore, just as Riza asked her to. Cahide decides to talk to Tahsin. Even her baby has a right to the hotel Tahsin gave Riza. 

Friday 25 October 2019
Episode 75

Turhan lets the beggar get stabbed but the prison guards intervene save him. He’s wounded and in the hospital. Riza and Cesur go to the hospital upon receiving the news. Riza dresses up as a doctor, gets in the beggar’s room, and suffocates him with a pillow. Cesur can’t manage to see him before he dies.

Suhan goes to the hotel to talk to Riza. She wants to know if Riza threatened her father. Cahide knows that Bulent is helping Tahsin. Riza shows Suhan the recording of Tahsin and Salih were fighting and Salih being killed.

Cesur catches Suhan in Riza’s room. He checks the room but can’t find Riza. Cesur tells Suhan that the beggar is dead. Hulya speaks to Riza about Turhan. Suhan doesn’t know what to do. She knows that it was her father who killed Salih and that she has to make a choice between her father and Cesur. 

Monday 28 October 2019
Episode 76

Tahsin explains it all: that Riza showed him how Salih betrayed him and killed Cesur’s mother to blame him, that he went there to talk to Salih and he ended up accidentally killing Salih.

Suhan believes him. Suhan wants her father to leave Riza to her. She’ll find a way to protect Cesur and her father, she says.

Cahide tells Korhan that she’ll figure out Tahsin’s offer for the next bid. Bulent tries to persuade Tahsin to not to take part at the bid.

Riza gives the police manager a hint; he says he knows things about Tahsin but doesn’t say anything further.

Hulya gets into Tahsin’s bed while he sleeps and he throws her out of the room. Hulya tells him she fell in love with him.

Suhan calls Cesur after the nightmare she had and they meet. Suhan asks for forgiveness. Adalet commits suicide in prison.

Tuesday 29 October 2019
Episode 77

There’s a rally for the election for the position of mayor. Mihriban wants Cesur to make the opening speech for her.

While Mihriban gives her speech, Tahsin interrupts her and gives his own speech. They start to argue over the microphones. Tahsin starts to distribute gold for free so Mihriban loses support.

Adalet’s life is saved. Necla pretends to be Adalet in bed at the hospital so that Adalet can go see Tahsin.

The police don’t take Riza to the police station, but to the depot where Cesur has built a cage with the iron he took from Rifat. They lock Riza in it and Cesur comes to the side. 

The police check Tahsin’s house to look for Adalet after they realize she has escaped. Cahide tells Korhan that she knows about Tahsin’s offer.

Necla calls Tahsin to let him know where Adalet is. Adalet and Tahsin meet and he tells her he is fine and that it is not easy getting rid of Riza. T

Wednesday 30 October 2019
Episode 78

Tahsin wins at the bid again because Bulent told Tahsin that Cahide wanted to know about the bid and that she threatened him.

Cahide tells Korhan that the spy is Bulent and Bulent confirms this. Bulent tells his mother he cooperated with Tahsin because she valued Cesur more than her own son.

Turhan abducts Suhan and demands Cesur set Riza free. Cesur and Suhan clean up all the evidence at the depot.

Suhan panics because Cesur placed a camera there and he might see that Suhan made a deal with Riza. Riza talks to the police manager but he doesn’t tell him anything about Cesur.

Hulya sees Adalet at the chalet and notifies the police. Adalet calls Riza to meet him. They meet in the woods and Adalet wants to shoot him. Tahsin thinks Mihriban notified the police of Adalet’s location.

Thursday 31 October 2019
Episode 79

Tahsin tells Cesur that Riza sent the records he has to a friend but they don’t know to whom. Mihriban and Bulent talk for the first time after their fight. 

Mihriban has enough. She’s tired of it all and she yells at Tahsin and blames him for stealing her life.

The police manager sees wounds on Riza hands. Riza says a “wild” woman did it. Cesur asks Kemal to follow Suhan for a while. He doesn’t want Riza to get close to her.

Bulent tells Banu he doesn’t care about Suhan or his mother; the only thing her cares about is her. 

Cesur asks Necla where Adalet is; she says Adalet knocked her out and ran away. Korhan and Cahide go to the farm for dinner.

Tahsin is surprised - Suhan says she wanted to be together like they used to be. The dinner doesn’t turn out as well Suhan hoped. Korhan and Tahsin fight and proceeds to kick them out.

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