bbc: Hamas sources said Israeli jets and helicopters attacked dozens of sites in Gaza

Gaza, the city in the south of Israel, was fired with mines and more than 200 missiles by the terrorist organization Hamas. They hit civilians, synagogues and children's playgrounds. The citizens spent a day in bomb shelters, many wounded, but, fortunately, Israel managed to avoid a large number of victims. People are ready for attacks. Government invests all their money in strengthening shelters. Also, they use a modern warning system "Red Alarm", which saved many lives. Since the military operation “Unbreakable Rock” in 2014, these days have become the most difficult for the residents of the city.

The world community is silent, there is no reaction. Why? If something like this happened in any European city, that is hard to imagine - a worldwide condemnation and an immediate response would not keep you waiting. However, when Israel was getting over the shock, the world was silent.

This is not the first act of violence by Hamas. Previously, they had set up a large-scale arson that entailed the spread of fire on 7.5 thousand acres of land throughout Israel. There were also many attempts of Palestinians to penetrate the country to provoke large-scale conflicts. While the guilt of the terrorists is admittedly obvious, the UN General Assembly condemned Israel for excessive self-defense. The European Union criticizes the country for building new settlements. The media makes a victim of criminals, focusing on the alleged Israeli aggression, omitting the fact that the Palestinians were the first to attack. Human rights organizations are also silent, thus encouraging unreasonable acts of violence. There is also no reaction of Iran, that is always calling for the destruction of Israel, and which is the main “donor” of weapons and money for terrorists. The only exception was the position of the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, which calls on Hamas to stop any acts of violence against Israel. The same opinion is shared by the President of the Israeli Jewish Congress, Vladimir Sloutsker. He believes that the constant attacks are the result of unilateral policies and indifference, where they condemn the victims and justify cruelty. International organizations are not in a hurry to hold Hamas accountable for their actions, thereby encouraging such actions against the civilian population in the future. 

Vladimir Sloutsker does not agree with the fact that the Palestinian protest was peaceful. Otherwise, 200 rockets would not be fired at the inhabitants. He believes that Israel, like any other country, has the right to respond appropriately to terrorist acts. It is important that the world finally opens its eyes to the real threat of Palestinian criminals to the Jewish population.