Loving You Teasers July 2019 – Upcoming Eva drama series ‘Loving You’ teasers, previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for July 2019.
Loving You Teaser

Coming up on Loving You (Por Armate Asi) this July 2019:

Monday 1 July 2019
Episode 15

Fátima is devastated when she discovers the truth and does something terrible in a fit of rage. Valerio tells Luz to stay away from his son-in-law.

Tuesday 2 July 2019
Episode 16

Malvina tries to cover up Fátima's crime. Tuco intervenes when Mercedes and Joaquín have an argument. Santiago is shocked by something he witnesses.

Wednesday 3 July 2019
Episode 17

Santiago refuses to listen to Luz's explanation and reacts badly to the situation. Francisco offers Manuel a job at the firm.

Thursday 4 July 2019
Episode 18

Luz cares for Santiago as he recuperates from his time with Malvina. Fátima has a breakdown when she hears about Francisco. Manuel has a shocking encounter.

Friday 5 July 2019
Episode 19

Luz tries to convince Francisco that she did not attack Malvina. Santiago finds himself in a tricky situation. Fátima takes matters into her own hands.

Monday 8 July 2019
Episode 20

Fátima comes up with an elaborate story to hide what she's really doing. Mercedes is devastated after talking to Manuel.

Tuesday 9 July 2019
Episode 21

Manuel and Mercedes share an intimate moment, but their time together is cut short. Joaquín gets drunk and tells Noel a secret.

Wednesday 10 July 2019
Episode 22

Fátima continues her destructive behaviour and plays the victim. Luz and Francisco discuss their feelings. Malvina chooses a dark path.

Thursday 11 July 2019
Episode 23

Valerio's attitude towards Luz begins to change. Joaquín and Benjamin have a disagreement that turns violent. Francisco makes a declaration.

Friday 12 July 2019
Episode 24

Luz and Fátima have a fight. Manuel and Mercedes try to deal with a problem in their relationship. Tiziano joins the firm.

Monday 15 July 2019
Episode 25

Fátima is convinced that Francisco is going to leave her. Manuel and Mercedes take an important step together, which angers Joaquín.

Tuesday 16 July 2019
Episode 26

Francisco has an unexpected encounter with Fátima. Mercedes is torn between confessing to Manuel and continuing the life they have together.

Wednesday 17 July 2019
Episode 27

Noel tries to pressure Mercedes into confessing, but Fátima intervenes. Valerio makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday 18 July 2019
Episode 28

Joaquín intervenes when Fátima takes things too far. Manuel and Luz have a serious discussion. Manuel and Mercedes have a difficult conversation.

Friday 19 July 2019
Episode 29

Francisco and Luz find themselves in danger. Mercedes seeks some help to deal with her guilt, while Manuel tries to come to terms with everything.

Monday 22 July 2019
Episode 30

Fátima makes a shocking confession to Malvina, but she doesn't believe her. Joaquín takes extreme measures to protect Mercedes.

Tuesday 23 July 2019
Episode 31

Joaquín and Fátima try to convince Mercedes that she has made the right choice. Francisco makes Luz an offer.

Wednesday 24 July 2019
Episode 32

Mercedes is still filled with guilt and asks Joaquín for help. Malvina tells Valerio that she knows about his past.

Thursday 25 July 2019
Episode 33

Fátima manipulates Mercedes to drive a wedge between her and Francisco. Manuel receives an illuminating call and sets out to discover the truth.

Friday 26 July 2019
Episode 34

Luz reveals the harrowing circumstances of Javier's final days. Francisco decides to look into why Joaquín attempted to deceive everyone.

Monday 29 July 2019
Episode 35

Mercedes learns about Fátima's deceptions and turns to Manuel for comfort. Malvina discovers some troubling news about Santiago.

Tuesday 30 July 2019
Episode 36

A sudden death leaves Manuel deeply affected and makes Mercedes even more nervous. Fátima makes a decision and writes an important letter.

Wednesday 31 July 2019
Episode 37

Mercedes and Joaquín set out to find Fátima before it's too late. Santiago makes a devastating discovery.

Premiere episodes of Loving You air on Eva from Mondays to Fridays at 13h00. The primetime rebroadcast airs at 19h00.

Francisco Olivetti is a prestigious rich attorney who has it all. He dedicated his life to one mission: make people obey the law.

Life presents him a big challenge: to prove the innocence of a woman (Luz) that disconnected her dying husband from the machine that kept him alive, obeying his last wish to end his pain.

Mercedes, Francisco and Fatima's daughter, is the only reason why they continue being married. She is spoiled but a good girl.

She has strong values that will be broken on a wild night with alcohol and drugs when her car crashes and wounds Manuel, a young promising football star who was about to be hired by a famous European football team.

Manuel ends up in a wheelchair with his life destroyed and Mercedes carries the guilt. Her mother and boyfriend will manipulate her to keep silent about the accident in order to avoid jail and destroy the whole family.

Mercedes and Manuel will start seeing each other and fall in love. Mercedes will hide from him the fact that she is the reason for his condition.

Not only will their love be threatened, but also the love of Francisco and Luz will be when Fatima discovers them.

On the other side Manuel and Mercedes will prove that love and hate are parts of the same scale without knowing how it will end.

Luz's case is a great challenge; in fact, Francisco will be challenging his own heart by having the chance to love again.

With the world against him, he will not give up until love fills his life again.