Lady Gaga Stunned

The Met Gala 2019 was themed as Camp: Notes on Fashion. The purpose of the Metropolitan Museum of Art this time is to portray everything that is related to Camp fashion. Due to that, the theme of Met Gala 2019 was set as camp and the celebrities were supposed to dress up in campy fashion and make a fashion statement. The met gala is the biggest fashion night of the year and thousands of people, or even more, attend it and watch it from all over the world. The celebrities are supposed to be as creative as possible with their outfits.

Like every year, this year as well the celebrities dressed up as creatively as possible in stunning dresses according to the theme. A lot of them like the Jenner Sisters, Harry Styles, Serena Williams, Jared Leto, Billy Porter, Celine Dion, the Hadid Sisters, Lily Collins, and Lady Gaga absolutely stole the show at the Met steps. Lady Gaga alone can be considered as the winner and definitely the queen of camp. Her dress stunned the audience with the idea she pulled off.

Lady Gaga wore four different campy dresses on the pink carpet and each one of those was absolutely stunning and a total show stealer. She was accompanied to the carped with men dressed in tuxedo and who then helped her to reveal her different looks.

The first outfit was a pink billowing fuchsia gown. The color of the gown was also the winner of the met gala this year. The tuxedo’d men help her to billow and to stun the public. The dress was..massive – the least we could say. It was fantabulous.

The accessories included a bow on the head and brilliant makeup. Just look at the lashes and the creativity around eyes.

The audience was yet in an awe of this uber stunning campy look of her when she started to strip off into a new outfit while being on the carpet.

Beneath the fuchsia gown was a classy black gown. It was paired with a black fun umbrella and she looked like the gothic queen from high school, totally owning the carpet.

It was not the end, or even close to it. Gaga then unzipped the black gown and slipped off it to reveal her hot pink dress. She paired the pink dress with oversized glasses and a clunky phone from the 80’s. While posing for the pictures, she even reapplied her lipstick looking in the mirror. Truly the queen of camp.

As if she had not already owned the carpet and stunned the audience enough, she again stripped off from the hot pink dress and this time showed the black lingerie look including the bedazzled tights. For this look, she also toted a hot pink and gold wagon around the carpet while everyone was awestruck.

Lady Gaga has always been known for all the extra that she puts in everything, but who would have expected her to display four different camp looks all at once. The woman is usually a fashion icon whether she dresses up in a ball gown, or in best women leather jackets, but what she did on the Met Gala 2019 is beyond everything else and definitely the most creative and perfect theme fit for the event.

Met Gala every year proposes a different theme according to the theme of the museum. It is then up to the celebrities that how they pull it off and dress accordingly. This year’s event was as good as any other and surprisingly even the Jenner sisters managed to cooperate with the theme and dress accordingly. However, what Lady Gaga did was unmatchable and we Stan the queen!