Final Season Of Game Of Thrones

With the final season of the Game of Thrones set to conclude on the 19th of May, the interest of the viewers has been piqued. The intrigue has been maintained despite the reduction in the number of episodes. The television series boasts of numbers across many parameters that explains its popularity. In fact, the game is a hit to such an extent that the pirated version of the premiere saw a staggering 55 million downloads from viewers in nations across the world. This happens to be matter of fact with Game of Thrones as most of the seasons have been witness to leaked and pirated versions.

A Recap Of The Four Episodes

The four episodes that have made it to the small screen till date have helped to build up the interest. Wth just two more episodes to go, it is certainly going to get very interesting. The whole adaptation needs to achieve some closure. While the most popular television series have witnessed the creation of some kind of sequels, it is hard to find reason for one here, looking at the adaptation. Though it is true that a significant portion of the content is original and not available in the book, the episodes need to achieve some kind of closure. Here is a look at important situations, and twists that will help you partake in the Game of Thrones Quiz.

The lack of trust of the Northern lords over Daenerys and the pledge of Cersei continues. At precisely this time, Euron returns and persuades Cersei to have conjugal relations. Bran and Arya are reunited by Jon, who goes on to also reunite with Sam, who then discloses his real identity as the successor to the Iron Throne. Meanwhile Tormund and Eric find the occupants of the castle dead, with the corpse of Umber being used as a message in the most chilling and toe curling manner. Jaime finally apologizes to Bran for the act which resulted in his debilitated condition, while Bran accepts the apology, reassuring that he has not harbored any hatred or anger.

The armies of the Living and the Dead battle it out outside Winterfell. Sam is saved by Edd who in turn gets killed. The trench is lit up around Winterfell to fight back the advancing armies. Winterfell is invaded by the Wights who proceed to kill Lyanna Mormont. Arya impales the Night King with her steel dagger which causes the Night King to be obliterated. Arya decides to turn down Gendry’s proposal of marriage, while Jon is asked to avoid disclosing his real heritage by Daenerys who wishes to shield herself from possible problems as a queen. Sansa and Arya are let into the secret by Jon, with the former sharing the information with Tyrion, with the desire of seeing Jon as King. Varys and Tyrion hold conflicting opinions about the most suitable person as the ruler – Jon or Daenerys.

The next two episodes which will bring the final season to the end arte much awaited, with viewers expectantly waiting to see how the plot unfolds. The twists and turns and the original storyline makes the series more captivating.