One of the most important online streaming services, Netflix, is becoming available in many regions worldwide. In 2017, it made more than $6 billion from US subscriptions. You should read VPN reviews before choosing the right VPN for Netflix.

Logically, they're investing part of those revenues in other markets. In 2016, Netflix launched its service for South Africa. While this is good news, the bad news is that people can watch only a fraction of the content available for the US market. However, both the citizens and visitors of South Africa can watch the shows and series formerly accessible only in the US. All you need is a VPN and fast internet. To see how fast your connection is, check out In this article, you'll learn.

In this article, you'll learn more about how to use this option via a VPN for South Africa.

The nature of VPNs

The IP address is the crucial means of online identification, an ID of every internet user. Due to its transparency, the IP address reveals the user's location and allows access to their data to third parties. This may lead to data theft, frequently in the form of a DDoS attack. In the case of such an online raid, hackers intercept the information they need. They either use it to take advantage of a user's vulnerable system or to sell it to other parties.

Moreover, a regular IP address restricts users only to content tailor-made for their region. That's why people in South Africa can access just the version of Netflix adapted to their market.

However, using a VPN conceals the location and IP address information. Moreover, the data transferred between an online user and the network in question is encrypted. This makes it impenetrable for most hackers.

All of this allows internet users to hide their identities. Even more importantly, they can access Netflix and other services as if they live in the US.

The legal aspect of VPN servers

In some countries, the government bans people from using virtual private networks. Since the information exchanged that way is encrypted, it can't be easily accessed by third parties.

The governments that are more exposed to terrorist attacks don't approve of such data transfer. Others just want to gain more control over their citizens' online habits.

For instance, VPNs are wholly banned in Iraq and North Korea. In China, Russia, and some other countries, the use of these networks is heavily restricted.

Fortunately, the situation in South Africa is different. You can use a VPN in South Africa (here is an example of a reputable provider) as long as you don't use it for illegal activity. This includes unauthorised access to other people's computers or using a VPN to perform tricky actions on the dark web. And it's possible to use a VPN for online gaming or to access US Netflix.

The registration as a US user

If you want to use a VPN in South Africa to connect to US servers, you first need to choose a VPN provider. Make sure to research the most prominent providers and opt for the one that suits your needs best.

After becoming a VPN user, look for the Regions section or a similar term. Here, you can see a list of the countries where the VPN servers are located. To access content available to Americans, connect to the US servers.

You can also choose another country if you're interested in fewer favourite shows and series. For instance, if you want to watch the series Deutschland 83, you need to connect to a server located in Germany.

Once the region is selected, you should restart the browser to activate the new settings. The instructions on the interface should be informative enough for everyone to understand the entire process.

Besides paid VPNs, there are also many free VPNs as well. However, trusting them is not recommended as they are known for snooping on their users and selling their user data to third parties. Choosing a free VPN may even lead to a data breach as opposed to the user's original intent.


It might seem illogical that Netflix only treats some of its markets equally. The number of potential users in South Africa is lower than in the US. As a result, Netflix makes a limited offer for smaller markets. Still, they have to pay licenses to studios and production houses to broadcast their shows for every region.

'Going for a VPN in South Africa is an affordable and practical way to access the full-scale Netflix library in this region. Nevertheless, some alternatives aren’t tricky to set up. Nevertheless, some other options aren’t challenging to set up. We hope our tips will help you watch all your favourite series and shows through a VPN.