Now it is time for decisive matches in the English Premier League. One of the key clubs is Arsenal London, which has good chances to finish the season in the zone of the Champions League. For this, the Gunners need to give their all at 100% in the remaining matches. Now, you can follow the Arsenal FC scores in a convenient format on the website of sports statistics.

This season, Unai Emery’s squad demonstrates a reasonably good game, but they do not always achieve the desired result. In the fall, Arsenal was perfect and had a long winning streak. But in winter the team did not so well. In the championship, it was kicked out of the Champions League zone, while in the Cup it could not get to the next stage, losing against Manchester United.

As a result, now the Gunners are focused only on the Premier League and the Europa League. It has now become much easier to learn the Arsenal FC’s scores in both tournaments. In the spring, the team needs to do its best in every single match, otherwise, they can not even dream about the Champions League for the next season.

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Emery’s team is sometimes too dependent on the mood of their leaders. As a result, if they ‘feel’ the game, they manage to achieve a good result, but then they might be failures in matches against less strong teams. You can follow all the news about Arsenal camp thanks to the 777score.

The advantages of Emery’s squad include:

The progress of young players. Here, we should first of all mention Torreiro and Guendouzi, who quickly became the key players of the lineup and are already of great help on the football field.
Excellent interaction of players. For example, Lakazette and Aubameyang quickly found a common language and had a good understanding of the field, which has a positive effect on the team’s results.

Tactical variety of the head coach. Emery chooses the 11 players who will go to the field depending on the specific opponent since Arsenal always knows its most vulnerable positions.

However, the final stage of the championship will still be extremely tough. Now, Manchester United has the psychological advantage, because the team has managed to win back a serious point gap. But Arsenal definitely should not be discounted. The young lineup of the team continues to evolve; you can always follow its matches, as well as games of its rivals on 777score’s website.

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