2018 Black Friday will never be the same, why Google Adsense Payment Delayed? How many of you got plans to use Google Adsense funds do buy Black Friday Deals? I am sure this didn't happen only to me. I went to check my Google Adsense Account, as usual, I was shocked to see this messages Adsense showing automatic payment pending.

What does “Automatic payment pending” means?

That's why “Automatic payment pending” indicates that everything is okay with your account, and the payment will be issued within the next few days.

Why Google Adsense Payment Delayed?

Contrary to the favoured belief that Adsense problems the payments to publishers on 21st of each month and also the payment is credited to the account of the client via wire transfer in 1-3 days.  I failed to get an email confirmation from Google stating that the amount was issued, and even the Adsense account continuing to indicate the balance because it showed before 21st.

I actually have been using Adsense wire transfer to bank account facility ever since it had been launched for South Africa customers in 2015. Nearly monthly, I got an email from Adsense on 21st, stating “We’ve sent you a payment”.

Black Friday has more to do with this inconvenience, Sorry for those like me got trust on Google Adsense regular payments on 21st of every month then money reflect the account on 23rd.   

Since 2018 Black Friday is on the 23rd the majority of companies didn't pay the employees they will get their money on the 24 on Saturday when most of Black Friday deals are over, those are sad like us who get paid by Google Adsense.

Things To Do On Black Friday when you are Broke AF


On a chilly Black Friday afternoon, once you are dreaming regarding Thanksgiving leftovers and chilling in your sweats, there is honestly nothing higher than curling up below a blanket with a good movie.

If you feel like having company over, invite the ladies to cherish a movie day. you'll eat mashed potatoes and luxuriate in each day off whereas disbursement a comfy — and cheap — time within. (Bonus points if you switch on a vacation movie, and even additional points if you watch it wearing a Santa hat.


If you and your crew are balling on a budget this season, you will be able to bond over not eager to shop on Black Friday. pay the day along, perhaps enjoying board games, having a holiday cookie bake-off, or simply catching up with one another over hot cocoa. particularly if you are all home for the holidays and haven't seen one another in a very whereas, you may relish the time spent along.

Update: 27 November 2018

AdSense payouts temporarily delayed

Since 22 November, you may be experiencing a delay with your AdSense payments for the month of October. This affects some creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. We're aware of this issue and working to resolve it. You can check back here for updates on the progress of the fix.