We all have been through our childhood days and, to many of us, those have been the best days of our lives. Most of us while growing, had our own favorite cartoons that we used to love watching it on television. What really caught our attention was the Pokemon cartoon series that was launched. The animation and the graphics were so spot on, that it got us glued to our seats and we would just not want it to end sometimes. We have to agree that the characters were well chosen and they did not fail to impress the fans. It was truly a worldwide craze and something that no one had expected.

NFL is one of the sports which is followed by many fans across the globe. The Super Bowl has become far more than just another sporting event. It’s a social and cultural event that eclipses almost anything else. Every super bowl game has a few commercials that are played during the halftime. These commercials are played in order to catch the attention of the fans so that it is promoted and sold on a huge scale through media and digital marketing.

Pokemon GO is one of the most successful mobile games of all time, breaking records like fastest to earn $100 million and most-downloaded in its first month of release. The Pokémon Company produced one of the most viewed commercials that aired during the NFL championship event marking its 20th anniversary. The Pokemon Super bowl commercial was much loved by fans across the universe and was trending for quite some time over social media. The loyal Pokemon fans not only showed their love but also promoted and joined in the celebration of the success of the production.

The Pokemon Super bowl commercial became a big hit and the online views are evidence that a Super bowl commercial has people excited about Pokemon. The Pokemon Super bowl commercial emphasizes the tagline, 'I can do this' as an expression of encouragement and support to its millions of fans who have dedicatedly watched Pokemon and played the Pokemon go game. The Pokemon Super bowl commercial rose to popularity among millennials mainly because of the content that was delivered through the ad. The commercial showed different people from different nations with one thought in mind, 'I can do this'.

A few of the researchers have said that Pokemon Go could be used as a tool to encourage summer learning for children. We all know the importance of encouraging kids to not stop learning or studying during their summer break. The Pokemon Go game is one good example of how you can help your kids to be on the go and move outside. As long as they stay safe and are familiar with the surrounding, kids will definitely love to move around and of course, walking is one of the best exercises.

On the other hand, some of us in the past have been complaining about how technology has distanced us from connecting with people in real-time. Pokemon Go has used our obsession with technology and apps to get our kids both moving and connecting, and if you’re smart, you’ll master this craze to benefit your child’s summer learning.

The makers of Pokemon Go have strategically advertised and have marketed this game in such a way that it definitely will capture the mind of gaming freaks. Most people think that advertising is all about promoting a particular product or service. Not every ad that we see is just focusing on promoting a brand or trying to capture the attention of a set audience. In fact, many start-ups while promoting their products, also use digital media as a platform to help the business accomplish its objectives and reach its target audience.