Following Pearl Modiadie calling off her engagement with her longtime lover, she has openly spoken about her views on relationships.

The media personality’s roller-coaster relationships have made headlines and overshadowed some of her achievements at times, and one consistent factor we’ve seen with Modiadie when it comes to her relationships is her willingness to give her partner’s a second chance after their breakup.

We’ve seen it with her most recent relationship with her former fiance. Modiadie had reunited with the man after calling off their first engagement, and after they confirmed their second engagement, the media personality called off the engagement just days before her wedding day.“I went back the first time because you wanna give them a second chance, you know, you wanna see if you were right or wrong about them,” she said in a recent interview on Trending SA

Another relationship we can think back at is her former relationship with award-winning singer Donald, the former couple have had their fair share of ups and downs as Modiadie has been adamant about how they would end up in each other’s arms after separating, regardless of the numerous fights they had.

“It’s always been an on and off affair, and we would sometimes start relationships with other people but find ourselves in each other’s arms again…we fought a lot,” she said reflecting on her past relationship with Donald, speaking to True Love magazine.
Engaging in an open discussion with her fans on Twitter recently, Modiadie reflected on her past relationship with the singer, revealing that her sister was never in support of their union, but was never the cause of their breakup.