Businesswoman and model, Faith Nketsi, has been under the spotlight for rather unfortunate reasons in recent months, however, the brand influencer set the record straight on SABC 3’s Trending SA.

South African brand influencer, businesswoman and model, Faith Nketsi, has addressed some very controversial rumours and is setting the record straight. Nketsi gained much traction as Queen Twerk when she and her friends formed a twerking group to raise funds and pay for Nketsi’s studies.

She has been under the spotlight in previous months and was accused of being involved in a human trafficking arrangement, with some people going as far as calling her a pimp. In her first-ever sit down television interview on SABC 3’s Trending SA, Nketsi clarified that her company, Feline Management, is a legitimate digital influencer and artist management company and that she is not involved in the prostitution of young girls.

“That was one of the toughest weeks for me when that tweet came out… first of all… I lost a lot of work, and just to clear it guys, guys, it is not true,” Nketsi said. “There is no such thing… what this person said and what he said I do… is deeper than me trending… girls were DM’ing me saying that they want to be a part of this… he made me realise that there’s a deeper problem here. Girls were saying I can do that, sending me naked picture of themselves, saying I can do that I don’t mind.”

The 23-year-old also addressed rumours of her alleged affair with hip-hop artist Offset of the award-winning trio, Migos and concluded by saying “Offset is not even my type.”

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