Raven Loso definitely deserves the Miss Curves Award – Pictures. Talk about pictures that speak volumes on Instagram then Raven Loso stands out.

Scrolling through the Instagram page of this curvaceous beauty, you will notice a few things, not only does she have the best body you will ever see on this green planet plus a smile that would make Grumpy Cat happy. She also has the brains to match as clinical Psychiatry major. At your local gas station takin over for the 99 & 2000

This dream girl from Texas has been connected to Drake in the past and was one of the main women feature in his unforgettable “Hotline Bling” video. If you’re having a glooming day and need some sunshine in your life, just scroll through our gallery above and get some Raven Loso in your life.

We thought why not share more of her pictures here because am sure words like curvy and beauty were meant to describe someone like her.

Her fashion game is on point and she never disappoints. What do you think of the picture below? Do you love me? Are you riding?

Changing the view for a bit, here is Raven Loso’s back view.Cuffin Season Year Round F O C U S

What do you think of this curvy lady? Would you give her the Miss Curves Award