OPW Presenter Nomsa Buthelezi Details How She Almost Got Raped! The TV presenter almost became another rape statistic when she nearly got raped in August last year.

Speaking to DRUM, Nomsa shared the details of the night she almost lost her life while walking out of a friend’s party in Boksburg. Nomsa and another female friend were attacked by six knife-carrying men.

“It was the worst day of my life, I thought I was going to die. We were leaving and about to get into the car when these men robbed us of our belongings and tried to rape us. We kicked, screamed and fought,” she said.

Nomsa said she was stabbed in the eye. “I almost lost my eye, the scar you see on my character on Lockdown is real.”

“I used some of the moves we had been taught for Supermamma and some of the guys managed to run away. They told me straight that they wanted to rape me. I did not back down,” she added.

Nomsa says even today she fears driving at night. “I can’t live in fear all of my life. I was traumatized because those men could have killed me.”