AKA ‘s mom had to answer this question on her Instagram account after one of her fans had asked what her thoughts on that issue.
Lynn Forbes is one of South Africa’s most inspirational speakers, we first met her through her son, AKA and since then, she has managed to use her platform to inspire thousands. A couple of weeks ago, Lynn summited Mount Kilimanjaro as part of the Trek4Mandela team.
Many people know Lynn for the close relationship she has with her sons ex, DJ Zinhle and during an Instagram Q&A session, she was asked whether she wants her son to get back with DJ Zinhle and this is what she had to say:
She simply responded with a picture of Kairo about to ‘sip her tea’.
What a clever woman she is, but we all know that her relationship with Zinhle is good and she would like to see the parents of her granddaughter get back together.