South African hip-hop star and actor Mxolisi Majozi, best known as Zuluboy, showed up one SABC 1's prominent telenovela Uzalo on Wednesday.

The star enters the show as Last-Namba, the more youthful sibling of hooligan and pimp Amos (played by Ernest Msibi), who likewise makes his arrival on the little screens
According to the actor, Last-Namba is a typical township gangster who is grounded in the upbringings of the townships and feels indebted to his brother and therefore would do anything to please him.

“I am excited to be joining the show. The first role I ever landed was on Soul City, and I was entrusted to play Zakes, without any educational background. Now, taking on this role, it fills my heart with so much joy to do something that is based in KwaMashu as I am also from there too. That is where my excitement stems from,” said Zuluboy.

The multitalented star has starred in various shows before like Gold Diggers, Mzansi Magic crime drama series Mshika-shika and recently in the theatre play, Tsotsi: The Musical. Playing this role reminds him of his upbringing.

“There was a lot of gangster’s that came out from KwaMashua, and we grew up looking up to them. Gangsters such as Mzwandile from Maketang, who used to wear 21 chains, 18 rings and would get the nicest girls with their 325is cars. So Last-Namba is just a reflection of all the people I used to look up to when I was young,” he said, adding that he draws his inspiration from what he sees around to bring the character to life.

Even though he portrays a lot of bad guys, Zuluboy refutes the idea of him resembling any the portrayed characters. “my daughter was asking me the same question earlier today and I told her one thing that, ‘It is because I play the best baddest person in the world.’” he says.

With this new role, he asks his fans to keep an open mind and always remember, “whatever they see, they shouldn’t think it is. They should just enjoy the thespian that is within me,” he said.

Six of Uzalo cast members have been nominated in the Simon Mabhunu Sabela Film and Television Awards. The ceremony, which celebrates KwaZulu-Natal's film and TV industry achievers, is currently in its fifth year and the recognised actors are:

“We have a lot to be grateful for and are excited about what’s still coming up. It’s been a great time for the show, and we appreciate all the recognition” comments Bongi Ndaba, head writer of Uzalo.

“Viewers can expect even more onscreen intensity. Uzalo writers will be taking no prisoners in their handling of critical social issues in the future scripts – the storylines are riveting, and the cast is delivering incredible performances.

"We are thrilled to have great actors such as Zuluboy and Ernest joining us as part of these unforgettable storylines, and congratulate all six of our Simon Mabhunu Sabela nominees!”.