"I won’t build a tavern. No, look at me. I am drinking and I don’t want to kill black people. Alcohol is killing black people. It can ruin young people’s dreams. It can kill them.”

“I don’t want my business in my house. I want to be able to travel to go there so that it is not all in one place. No. There is too much stress. I want to have peace,” she said.

There was no peace when Zodwa first announced that she had bought the land, using the opportunity to shade celebs who “rent penthouses for R18,000 but don’t have a place to stay.”

“They will die with no money because they are not investing in their future. They won’t even be able to get an RDP house. I am scared of not being able to look after myself when I am old. I am scared of dying without money because I know what poverty is like. You can laugh at me but I have a house and land,” she said.