Siya Kolisi’s wife Rachel she says she isn’t insecure. The trouble started when a fan responded to a question about pursuing someone in a relationship when they suggested that they would make an exception for only one person and called Siya a whole “type”. She also referred to a TV show where she said a female celebrity had encouraged her girlfriend to pursue Siya, despite him being married.

Two weeks after she left the internet in a mess with a stinging clap-back to women crushing on her man, Rachel Kolisi has slammed any suggestions she is “insecure”.

Rachel warmed her Twitter fingers to defend her man and wrote: “He’s not ‘a type’. He’s a married man responsible for four children.” But in the process was labelled as ‘insecure’ by some on social media.

She went to ground in the days following the incident but finally broke her silence on the claims this week.

Preaching about the virtues of loving your body and how people were often desperate to get their bodies back after giving birth, she addressed the elephant in the room and said she was doing just fine.

“Some of you might have read some stuff about me recently about being insecure among other things. I’ve never been in a more determined and motivated space. Here I am,” she wrote.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE at the time, Rachel’s management said the couple would not comment on the incident.

But here is what she shared on her Instagram account: