As indicated by South Gauteng High court papers seen by Sunday world. Mabala Noise named an organisation called Freeworld Music to oversee Nasty C's appointments and underwriting bargains, they are currently being sued for their unpaid administrations.

Award-winning rapper Nasty C and his previous record name Mabala Noise are being hit with an R4.5-million claim for a break of an agreement.

The paper reports that on the organization began overseeing Nasty C on the eighteenth July 2016 after Mabala commotion proprietor Nkabinde and Freeworld chief Zyne Marcus' cocus and Nasty C was acquired to examine terms and conditions which he needed to incorporate into the agreement, driving him to sign for exclusive management agreement, publishing contract and the artist agreement.

Freeworld Music is supposedly responsible for the rapper getting him endless bookings in several different states and also increasing his rate and is allegedly demanding damages in the amount of R4.5-million, made up of R3.5-million for loss of income and R1-million for damages. And requires that it be paid in interest.

“After the contract was signed the first defendant began booking more shows than he previously had and would earn approximately R200000 to R300000 per month. The plaintiff would make the necessary deductions and pay the first defendant what was due to him,” reads court papers.

Freeworld Music, Nasty C and his current record label were not available for a comment, the paper reports that Mabala Noise owner Nkabinde confirmed the news and said that his company was adhering to the situation.