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Minnie Dlamini astounding in Latest Pictures #BirthdayMonth

It's July and figure whose birthday is only seven days away… Yeah, you speculated right, Minnie Dlamini Jones will commend her birthday in a couple of days… and she is anticipating her day…

She said: “Oh July is that you baby??? #BirthdayMonth #DiamondDay 💎 #7July It’s almost my birthday 🎉 #28Loading I can’t to see you all in Durban! I’m coming home. ”

Sharing astounding Pictures literally lighting up Russia Minnie will be turning 28 on 7 July, and she looks fantastic with age! Check out her latest pictures…

Always with a smile on her face, she said… “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story” 🤣… See the picture she shared… Amazing!

And the Jones was slaying in Russia… She said: “I miss my person so much 😭 I have no one to irritate 🤣 #TheJoneses 😍

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