The trainer, who has been sharing her fitness journey on social media, believes that mental health is underrated for many people. When people dismiss her feelings, it often leaves Lexi feeling frustrated.

Lexi took to Twitter to give an example where she described how frustrating it was when she vented about her feelings, only to be told to “cheer up”.

Lexi explained that one of the worst things a person can do to her is disregarded her mood or frustration when she’s trying to share her feelings.
“Sometimes when I feel down and out I prefer to talk to someone that really understands what I’m going through. Don’t sit there and smile and tell me about sunshine and roses. It leaves me feeling extremely frustrated and annoyed after(wards).”
Lexi explained her understanding of how moods swings work. She said that people, who were mentally drained often ended up feeling “down, sad and angry” by default as a result. She said wanting to dwell in that state for long periods, indicated a problem for her and asked tweeps if it is at that stage that one should seek professional help.
Lexi said her emotions were often overlooked because she was considered to be a “strong” person.
Source: Times Live