Khanyi Mbau’s tweet over Cardi B Lambo jab causes a Twitter frenzy. The trouble started when Cardi B took to Twitter to post a picture of her and hubby Offset’s matching Lamborghinis. Khanyi Mbau thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a friendly jab at the US star and responded to the post with the cheeky caption: “Should I tell her?”

Khanyi Mbau found herself the butt of social media jokes on Monday but has hit back at the shade thrown her way for a jab at Cardi B.

Most fans assumed that Khanyi was talking about that time she and businessman Mandla Mthembu used to be the main attraction on the Joburg streets with their matching yellow Lambos.

And while some saw the joke, others dragged her for “shading” Cardi and claimed that Cardi had bought her cars while Khanyi was just renting.