A lot of ladies will do the most with channels and alter catches to look like hotshot Beyonce, But for our own one of a kind whiz Jessica Nkosi, she was conceived that way. 

Everybody can see that Jessica and Beyonce resemble the other alike. However, the on-screen character is sick of a couple of haters and being modest about it, so she accumulated all the confirmation that shows she is without a doubt ruler Bey's doppelganger. 

Look at what she as of late shared on Instagram underneath.

Haters move to one side. 

The on-screen character says her mom disclosed to her she looks like Beyonce and we as a whole know moms never lie. 

Ruler Bey glamour girl conduct 

Indeed, even her fans concur that she's ruler Bey's doppelganger. 

Jessica says that is that on that, case shut.