Ngwenya states that he has been receiving death threats via Facebook since May of this year and believes this could be linked to his philanthropic efforts in the community he comes from.

Isibaya actress, Zinhle Mabena, almost lost her husband, Robert Ngwenya, after three men ambushed him and opened fire on his car while he was still inside.

“They wanted to kill me, but I won’t give them the satisfaction that I’m scared of them. The law must take its course, as these killings of comrades by other comrades have been going on for a while now,“said Ngwenya in an interview with Sunday Sun.

He went on to express his gratitude about the fact that he survived. “I thank the Lord that they missed me, as I don’t know how my wife would have handled news of my death.”
Robert has been responsible for giving jobs to the poor and believes this is one of the many reasons they are after him. Zinhle has not yet commented on the matter.