Prior we got a secret of the show to go ahead Keeping up With the Kardashians season 15. And now there's a full-length trailer with parts more dramatization.

The clasp starts with Kim Kardashian saying: "Goodness, hello folks. It's Kimberly. Keep in mind me? It's been a moment. Did you miss us? Since we missed you. Yet, don't stress, you didn't miss anything."

It at that point dish to scenes of Khloé Kardashian flaunting her infant knock, and afterwards conversing with new mother Kylie Jenner on the telephone.

Out of sight Kim's voiceover proceeds: "Very little has changed. What's more, we have been staying under the radar."

Kim would then be able to be heard saying: "My sisters and I are nearer than at any other time."

Taken after by scenes of the sisters battling and Kourtney Kardashian in tears as Kim yells, "get the fuck out of here."

What's more, that is just a glimpse of a larger problem.

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Source: News24