Bonnie Mbuli protects Masechaba from goblins calling her 'damaged'! Not every person via web-based networking media has been thoughtful towards Masechaba Ndlovu since she reported her split from husband.

Evidently, there are ladies (to aggravate it), who are calling Masechaba 'damaged property" since she had two children previously wedding her better half.

At the point when TV has Bonnie Mbuli went over the tweet, she hopped on to ask how that makes Masechaba harmed and safeguarded her requesting that ladies love and regard each other.

“Say you’re lying.. what ?!!! How is she damaged?” Bonnie asked. “There is nothing more powerful than women loving and respecting each other, equally tho there’s nothing more destructive than women being the first to throw stones at each other, how do we change it?” she added.