Moneoa was allegedly caught driving under the influence of alcohol recently, but the singer is not the only celebrity to be nabbed for a serious road offence
Some of South Africa’s biggest stars have been arrested for drunk driving, and speeding – one celebrity was caught doing 257km/h!

Top 6 Traffic offences can get you ‘arrested on the spot’ for in South Africa

Whether they are rushing to catch a flight, or returning home after a long night of partying, these celebs learned the hard way that speeding is not ayoba.
Here’s a look at six stars who have been arrested for bad driving behaviour

1. Jub Jub Driving Offence

Jub Jub was charged with the murder of four school boys and attempted murder of two more, after crashing into them while drag racing under the influence.
The musician was sentenced to 25 years in jail, the conviction, however, was later converted to culpable homicide and sentencing was reduced to 8 years

2. Thembi Seete Car Driving Offence

Thembi Seete was caught doing 119 km/h in a 60 km zone in Edenvale, east of Johannesburg, in 2015. She allegedly told police she was late for a flight. “This incident reminded me of how important it is to follow the rules and to be responsible, aware and careful on the road,” she told ZAlebs at the time.

3. DJ Sbu Car Driving Offence

Radio personality Sbusiso ‘DJ Sbu’ Leope was arrested in 2007 for driving at 257km/h, which reportedly was the highest speed recorded in the country at the time.

He was ordered to pay an R7 000 fine and was given a nine-month sentence, which was suspended for three years. He was also nabbed for drinking and driving in the Randfontein area in 2015.

4. Phindile Gwala Car Driving Offence 

Actress Phindile Gwala found herself on the wrong side of the law in 2016.
She was nabbed for drunk driving, according to the Sunday World, and spent a few hours in police custody. The charges were later withdrawn

5. Gareth Cliff Driving Offence

Radio personality Gareth Cliff was fined R10 000 for driving at 182 km/h in a 120km/h zone.

“It was a mistake of a grievous nature which vexes me much,” Gareth said through his lawyers.

6. Arno Carstens Driving Offence

Arno Carstens was arrested in Cape Town in December 2010, after two police officers in a patrol vehicle noticed his Mercedes-Benz being driven erratically. He was later found not guilty of drunken driving by the Cape Town District Court.


7. Steve Hofmeyr Driving Offence

Afrikaans musician Steve Hofmeyr was charged with reckless or negligent driving and for exceeding the speed limit after he was caught driving at 169km/h in an 80km/h zone in 2013.

The singer was fined R10 000.

8. Julius Malema Driving Offence 

Steve was not the only high-profile figure caught speeding during the 2013 festive period. Julius Malema was nabbed for driving at 215km/h in a 120km/h zone.

He was released on R5 000 bail shortly after his arrest. Steve saw the lighter side of their offences. “There is only place for one jailbird in this cell, Julius. Move over fat ass,” he tweeted in Afrikaans.

9. Ntombi and Ace Driving Offence

Former Big Brother Mzansi winners Ace and Ntombi were arrested for drug possession in Cape Town in February 2016. The reality TV stars were nabbed after police received an anonymous tip-off about a suspicious vehicle driving through the area.