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WTH? girl twerks on high of a casket in the stunning footage (video)

An infectious agent video shows a feminine sorrower twerking on high of a casket throughout a ceremonial procession.
In the video shared online, mourners clad in white and black mourning garb area unit seen dance and singing on each side of the casket. Soon, a young feminine sorrower walks up to the casket and begins twerking beside it to the amusement of onlookers.
WTH? girl twerks on high of a casket within the stunning footage (video)

However, their amusement turns to alarm once she climbs the coffin and sits astraddle it, then begins twerking. different mourners screamed a warning and tried to tug her down, however, she continued firmly and unbroken twerking, till somebody pushed her down, causation her tumbling to the ground.
Watch the unbelievable video below.

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