SuperSport said on Monday that it would declare the result of the independent review on Tuesday at 3 pm at its workplaces in Randburg‚ Johannesburg. 

South Africa will know on Tuesday what occurred in the background that prompted previous Springbok Ashwin Willemse exiting amid a live communicate. 

Ashwin Willemse On May 19‚ Willemse coordinated pointed remarks at kindred previous Springboks Naas Botha and Nick Mallett before strolling offset after the Lions versus Brumbies coordinate. 

Willemse‚ who played 19 Tests and was an individual from the 2007 World Cup winning squad‚ said he "can't work with individuals who undermine other individuals". 

"I've been in the game for quite a while like the vast majority of us here‚" Willemse said. "As a player‚ I've been known as a quantity for quite a while and I've worked hard to acquire the regard I have now… I'm not going to stay here and be belittled by these two people [Mallett and Botha] who played their rugby amid the politically-sanctioned racial segregation era‚ an isolated time." 

The trio have not included on any broadcasts pending the result of the independent review. Backer Vincent Maleka on Monday affirmed he had given over his answer to the supporter. Willemse declined to remark.