Lady falls while attempting to do Vosho Dance – Video

Of all the dance moves in South Africa, Vosho is by all accounts the most troublesome of all. Although Mzansi individuals are known to be great artists, it's solitary a couple of individuals who can pull a vosho whenever.

More often than not, the individuals who endeavour Vosho go down yet never figure out how to rise. This move is by all accounts saved just for adaptable and fit individuals.

Mzansi's DJ FRESH posted a video of a lady endeavouring Vosho on his Facebook Page. He inscribed it: "Some Dance moves #Vosho requirement for you to be on the medicinal guide!"

In the video, the lady is seen pulling decent move moves before all else. Be that as it may, poop hit the fan when she endeavoured Vosho.

She went down and attempted to lift herself up. Another lady who was situated on a seat alongside her, at that point endeavours to enable her to up, however, both they wound up lying on the ground.

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