The vindictive talk started after Bare author – Jackie Phamotse tweeted about finished hearing a discussion between one of her companions and a notable TV big shot. In the tweet, Phamatose said that she listened to the TV magnate begging her friend to not discharge a video of her better half in trading off position.
Prior on in the week, media head honcho and businesswoman, Basetsana and spouse, Romeo Kumalo released an announcement, which contains data about their choice to issue statutory guidance against pernicious talk about the couple that ran wild via web-based networking media fourteen days back.

Despite the fact that Phamatose did not specify any names, this prompted various presumptions by Twitter clients. In their suppositions, the Kumalo's name was specified in many circumstances. Despite the fact that the Kumalo's had stayed mum for a short timeframe, they in the long run discharged an announcement expressing that they had chosen to sue the creator.

As indicated by Sunday World, a report on the court case presently expresses that the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) will now choose whether Phamotse will be indicted. NPA's representative – Phindi Mjondwane affirmed the news to the paper.

“I can confirm that the police have referred the matter to us for a decision whether to prosecute. However, the prosecutor who is handling the case referred the matter back to the police for further investigation,” said Phindi Mjondwane.

In different reports, it's been uncovered that Phamotse is likewise currently looking for legitimate exhortation about the issue.