For a few, it's sort of difficult to watch Trevor Noah win.

In any case, for some South Africans, he speaks to the fantasy, cash, popularity and now, being a piece of a school educational modules. Yes, you read that right. Mr Conceived A Crime's life account of him experiencing childhood in Apartheid South Africa has arrived in the educational modules of various New Jersey secondary schools. Wild.

Addressing the LA Times, the entertainer shared how his book being educated in schools is giving exercises on him as well as the make-up of South Africa. "Some portion of it is South Africa's story, some part of it is my family's story, my mom's story, the exercises she showed me. At that point, clearly, my elucidation of the world I was brought up in.

It's most beautiful to me in light of why they're utilising the book. I do think the exercises we learned in politically-sanctioned racial segregation in South Africa are stories that apply to the world."

Which fave of yours can state such they're reality story is being instructed in America? Huh? Congrats to Trevor.