Cleo was chilling with Thato and Schuschu caught up with clarifying how she wished she beat up Mamiki increasingly when she had the possibility. 

At that point police showed up and revealed to her Mamiki opened an ambush body of evidence against her.

 On the off chance that you've been watching The Queen, you will realize that Cleo's hubby Roy has been going behind her back with Mamiki and you'd likewise realize that Cleo shouted her a** when she discovered. 

Be that as it may, how Cleo got away correctional facility time the previous evening… was simply notable. Cleo's response was extremely surprising… simply watch it here: Any sensible person knows that running from police… in heels nonetheless… will not get you far… but Cleo’s logic clearly works differently. Her slyza tsotsi was just iconic! Twitter had the memes to show it: