Full-time Sweden 1 South Korea 0 Sweden join Mexico at the highest point of the table, while Korea joins Germany at the base. I would submissively propose this is currently adequately a three-group gathering, and you can embed your own particular Germany joke here.

VAR Strikes! Claesson is brought down inside the container, and Swedish players claim for a penalty. VAR mediates and grants the spot-kick which is dispatched off impeccably by the old warhorse Andreas Granqvist. Sweden lead.

An unnecessary corner has given away by Sweden! The Korean goalkeeper needed to come available, yet the coach says no. In stretches, the ball and the Koreans figure there may have been a Swedish handball; however the ref isn't occupied with anyway. Replays demonstrate the ball appeared to crash into Granqvist's head or maybe chest. Amend choice.

However, the diversion had been settled as of now. Sweden given a keep running for their cash by South Korea.