Local reality star and one of the judges on Mzansi Magic’s (DStv 161) Idols SA, Somizi Mhlongo, plans court action against the woman who has since gone to ground after calling him “a homos.exual k****tjie” on Twitter that sparked massive outrage on Tuesday.
Lia Meyer who has since gone to ground and who is reportedly “under sedation” following her comment on Twitter on Tuesday, deleted her @Liaa_Nu account after writing “Isn’t @somizi like a homosexual k*****tjie?” and then claimed that her account was hacked and that she’s not responsible for any comments on any of her social media.
Meyer has since disappeared but Somizi asked his followers to help hunt her down, saying jail is waiting for her: “My tweeter investigators pls help find the details of this racist. Jail awaits her”.
Meyer’s comment led to massive online outrage, with Somizi saying “I’m not letting this go. We gonna teach them a lesson one person at a time”.
Meyer in a message said “THIS IS MY ACCOUNT THAT WAS HACKED. I did not post this tweet and would never make such a remark. I take no responsibility for the view that was expressed in that tweet and sincerely apologise for the horrific message that was sent out. Please understand that it was not me. I have requested for the account to be deactivated and stopped from further hacking”.

A friend of Lia, Hannah Gauche, took to Instagram to defend her.