Prior today, individuals from the media were sped to a mystery area where it was uncovered that rap sensation, Sho Madjozi would lead the pack of Trace Mobile's most recent offering which gloats information that never lapses.

Follow Mobile propelled what they have named their drawing in #NeverExpire battle with Sho Madjozi in charge, which tries to pay tribute to individuals, brands and places that have stayed "immortal and new" in the hearts and psyches of numerous individuals.

We are very excited to partner with Sho Madjozi because we feel she embodies everything about the TRACE brand and TRACE Mobile – our values and our multicultural appeal to young people. Much like her, we proudly celebrate and embrace Afro-urban culture” explained Chief Marketing Officer for TRACE Mobile, Prescillia Avenel-Delpha in a statement.

In addition to having Sho as the face of the campaign, TRACE Mobile will release a series of videos with young people who are involved in projects that have either thrust them into the public eye or continue to contribute to the ever-changing, celebratory and positive African narrative. 

The first video in the series features Madjozi speaking about how she views her Tsonga heritage as the epitome of the #NeverExpire concept.