Ring of Lies throws it's last left hook one month from now when Season 2 arrives at an end. As you may have seen in the mysteries, scenes run out on Thursday, 26 July after a 208-scene season.

What's more, it's not continuing for Season 3 because another 19h00 daily called The Throne begins the next Monday (30 July).

What's it about? Your figure is on a par with our own.

There's no data. On it from Mzansi Magic so whatever we can do is theorise. Early introductions propose it The Queen Light. Somebody needs a Throne clearly; however, they need it at 19h00 rather than 21h00, so it's not as heavyweight.

This is our forecast of what it's about:  Two families at war. A quarrel that is gone on for ages. One dominant position. You know the bore.