In a meeting with TshisaLIVE Nyalleng clarified that she felt fortunate to play the young lady adjacent on Uzalo because it made it less demanding for her fans to acknowledge that she ain't a kill ruler. 

One of the highest weights of being in media outlets for Uzalo performer Nyalleng Thibedi is being "normal" to kill all the time since the coming of online life, however, this on-screen character won't bite the dust for the gram fam.

Nyalleng disclosed that she needed to likewise adhere to a meaningful boundary when she understood that the desire that goes with being on TV is that you will look great constantly and lead a costly way of life.

“The majority of my fans are between 18-24. I get the sense that they relate to me because of the character I play. A girl next door and in that, I am lucky in that way because then they expect me to be just like them.”

The on-screen character it wasn't that she didn't get a charge out of "killing" once in a while yet she needed to make her fans, particularly the young ones, comprehend that killing isn't obligatory because she's on TV.

Nyalleng disclosed that individuals have a tendency to overlook that acting, is an occupation like some other activity and when they are "off" they additionally should chill.

“Now, I love shopping. I even love shopping for groceries, and I had to make it easier for myself because it got harder as I got more and more recognised. You know, you’ll be going to your Shoprite to buy food and people will expect you to be slaying or whatever, I’m not about that life. That (slaying) is not why I did this in the first place,” she said.

“Every job has pressure. There’s pressure from the work, from your peers and from the public, but how you deal with it makes all the difference. So for me, it’s to always remember who you are and why you are doing this in the first place.”