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Photo of the day! Unathi hanging out with President Ramaphosa.

 Photo of the day! Unathi hanging out with President Ramaphosa.We generally consider how Unathi figures out how to take selfies with settled government officials and we don't know how she does it. As she does typically, she has done it once more. She posted a photo remaining alongside the President of South Africa his Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa, and we were left astonished. 

It is trusted that this time she was welcome to the birthday festivities of one of ANCs legend and the nation's saint Ntate Mlangeni who turned 93. The vocalist was one of the entertainers of the night. So she needed to utilise her chance and persuaded the president to take a selfie with her. 

Go on young lady do your thing we are 100% behind you, continue shinning. Here is a portion of the photos including the one she took with the president…

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