No, guys. It’s a thing and speaking to Trending SA recently Nimrod said the experience was a weird one. Nimrod Nkosi has been dishing out good news and riches as the host of the national lottery (lotto) draw, so it’s no real surprise that people are always asking him what the numbers will be. Or even taking a bit of his hair for good luck. You know, as you do.
“I remember I was with my mom and this person just came and took a piece of my hair. It was quite strange but I understood the myths that have to do with luck and so on.”

He added that people were often touched when they didn’t win the lotto and then saw him at the shops.

“Going to the garage is not the easiest thing when you’ve started doing the lottery and people think you know the numbers or if they don’t win it is your fault,” he added.

Being a lotto presenter is not for the faint-hearted and Nimrod once revealed to City Press that people often harass him to guess the numbers.

“I have stopped guessing lotto numbers for people. I fear that if someone wins, people will think we manipulate the machines.”

Nimrod is now known as the host of Utatakho, where he helps people find their biological parents.

“I am passionate about the restoration of black families. To be accountable men and to show leadership and empathy. As a community we need to meet and educate each other to avoid things such as paternity disputes,” he told Sowetan.

Source: Times Live