A driver convicted causing the passings of Top Billing presenter Simba Mhere and his passenger‚ Kady-Shay O'Bryan‚ was on Monday sentenced to 10 years' detainment.

"The blamed on the day set out on a lead of outrageous extents. He drove at speed of 166 km/h. The families of the deceased have beentraumatised‚" said judge David Mahango as he passed on sentence on Preshalin Naidoo in Johannesburg's Randburg Magistrate's Court.

Mhere‚ 26‚ was a best in class TV presenter. O'Bryan‚ 29‚ was the mother of a four-year-old young lady. On January 31‚ 2015‚ Mhere was driving north on William Nicol Drive and was going to take the exit ramp to OR Tambo air terminal when a car hammered into them. His father‚ Joseph‚ who was likewise in the car‚ survived the crash.

Officer Mahango said road users were worn out on neglectful drivers and anticipated that the courts to deal with them and protect their rights by imposing appropriate sentences on accused persons.

"The court has an obligation to force a sentence that will dissuade the charged and different drivers… "

Mahango said Naidoo was convicted of genuine offences.

Naidoo's mom poor down as the court passed on the sentence.

Naidoo's counsel‚ Advocate Francois Roetz‚ informed the court that his client would apply for leave to appeal against both the sentence and conviction.

Naidoo will be kept in guardianship pending the application for leave to appeal on Tuesday. Prior in the morning‚ Roetz had contended that Naidoo was not a risk to society and did not should go to imprison.

"He represents no peril to anybody. He is economically active. He works and adds to the fiscus‚" Roetz had contended.

Prosecutor Dinesh Nandkissor had contended that Naidoo had neglected to accept an open door to apologize to the two families.

"At no stage did he make moves to the witness box and say 'I'm sad'. He could have volunteered say he is sad."

Nandkissor contended that forcing a remedial supervision sentence would send the wrong message to people in general. On Monday morning‚ the indictment read out casualty affect explanations from Mhere's sister Valerie and his dad.

"I was victimized. Simba was sitting alongside me and the following moment he was no more. Simba and Kady were talking and chuckling and they were taken away‚" said Joseph Mhere.

The Mhere and O'Bryan families respected the sentence.

"I believe it's proper. It won't bring life back‚ yet it conveys the message to street clients to assume liability for what they do on the roads‚" said Joseph‚ Mhere's dad.

He said the sentence would convey conclusion to "a degree".

O'Bryan's brother‚ Duane‚ stated: "The sentence is appropriate. It won't bring Kady and Simba back‚ yet I am sure that justice has been served today.

"Regardless we need to experience the feelings of the appeal‚ yet we will cross that scaffold when we arrive."