Cassper Nyovest recently went on a visit to Nairobi, African country for a performance at the TGR annual pageant. And aside from him being treated sort of a king throughout his keep there, we tend to additionally recently realised that the concert he was engaging at was indeed organised and sponsored by a young adult.

The juvenile person who goes by the name of Keith confirmed this throughout his sit down interview on a late night programme known as the Chipukeezy Show.

Chipukeezy asked the young man; however, he managed to sponsor such a productive concert with Cassper Nyovest because the performer and also the juvenile person merely explained that he saves his cash and he is aware of the way to use it.

Although the bulk of the video is in Bantu, Keith will justify in English; however, he managed to sponsor the concert.

“Savings. I save my cash and that I skills to use it, I exploit it in the right manner. To be AN bourgeois 1st, you've got to require risks and that I was saving up for large things in the future. That was my 1st massive show, you guys ought to expect larger. Like Rihanna.”

The young man is doing massive things. It’s quite clear that Cassper is extraordinarily darling in the African country as his design is seen in components of the nation additionally.

Video of the interview: