Mampintsha to darlings Wodumo – You are A genuine valuable DIAMOND! Like him or not but rather Mampintsha is an expressive editorial manager particularly with his extraordinary message he shared on Instagram coordinated at bae Babes Wodumo. 
Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo
He had this to say: “MANY will catch the eye But only an exceptional special human Being can Capture The heart❤💜💛👑Gqomu Queen @babes_wodumo your humility and the greatness you posses cannot be overlooked🙌🏾 From the Very first moment I glazed my eyes on you😍😛, I knew you were an extraordinary being destined for GREATNESS! A true precious DIAMOND💎✨ in the rough!!!
You’v grown to match & live that prophecy😱you are indeed a Queen who reigns SUPREME and continues to make groundbreaking moves in the game!! on a National and international scale🌍💫 Future looks absolutely bright with you by my side! Thank you for BEING YOU and staying true to your passion!!! GQOMU Queen! Ride or Die! No more turning back now, We in it till it’s Over🙏🏽👫❤🚀let’s take it to the stars✊🏾 #blackexcellence #QgomuQueen#herExcellency #rideordie”
The message was joined by a delightful picture of Babes Wodumo… 

I ponder what Babes Wodumo will state to this astonishing message… And I would need to recognise what you folks out there think about this aggregate rebound from Mampintsha… Comments welcome!