The singer/actress continues to shine, and she is living a good life. She is very close to launching her album, and things are seeming to go nicely for her at the moment.

Kelly is also finalising her album, which she said will not be a gospel album, but her first single will talk about how God has pulled her through the most challenging times.

“Jehovah is about how God has been with me through everything. When people tried to bury me and tried to make sure that I never see the next day. But somehow God was with me through it all, and I’ve pulled through because of him.”

She recently took a road trip with her close friends, and they had fun. Her close friend ThamiDish was also with her. Here are some of the pictures she shared on her Instagram account…

My woman @wandabaloyimy sister @zandie_khumalo_gumede and me ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Testosterone on steroids 💣 #TheKhumaloSisters♥👯‍♀👭👫

LitTrio continues @Wandabaloyi @thamidish

LitTrio I trust you to say that. Mme o bakile ke castle lite.

A weekend is that you? 📢 #LitTrio