Soso has prevailed upon gatherings of people with her part as Morongwa on SABC 3 soapie Isidingo and disclosed to Afternoon Express moderator Bonnie Mbuli this week that numerous accept she is another performing artist on the scene, not realizing that she has been working this step. 

Isidingo's Sonwabise "Soso" Rungqu may have been very nearly getting to be one of Mzansi's greatest gifts when she chose to pack everything up to take care of her debilitated dad; however, she has no second thoughts.

"Many individuals believe that I am another child on the square as a result of this enormous part I got… .it took me ten years to get that (her part on Isidingo).

Some portion of that time she went through with her dad, who was debilitated. Addressing Drum not long ago, Soso clarified that her dad had dementia and couldn't stroll in the months prompting his demise in 2015.

"I needed to surrender the hustle and live (at) home for a long time. My dad would at times put in many months in the healing facility. At that point, he would be better and chuckle, at that point the following thing he had dementia or couldn't walk. In the event that it wasn't diabetes, epilepsy, kidney disappointment, hypertension or blood clusters in the cerebrum, it was something different. Multi-day his body couldn't take it any longer and it closes down."

She disclosed to Bonnie that he was the most unimaginable man on the planet and she had no second thoughts about putting her profession on ice to be with him.

“I had to give up the hustle and live (at) home for three years. My father would sometimes spend weeks and months in the hospital. Then he would be better and laugh, then the next thing he had dementia or couldn’t walk. If it wasn’t diabetes, epilepsy, kidney failure, hypertension or blood clots in the brain, it was something else. One day his body couldn’t take it anymore and it shut down.”

“I don’t want anything too much. I want something more us. We live a normal life, so we want something authentic and dope…I could record the whole thing and send it to someone. Make some money out of it.” he said.

Source: Zalebs