sphelele mzimela the star who Mzansi has come to love as Kentucky on the soapie clarified that she was super apprehensive and energised when she at long last got her pride and happiness up from the dealership. 
Following quite a while of arranging and sparing, Isibaya performer Sphelele Mzimela, at last, got herself her first auto. 

"I was elate however I was additionally gone crazy because an auto is a major duty. I think there was additionally a help since I put something aside for five, six months. There was a considerable measure of penances. it was difficult however it was justified, despite all the trouble."
One of the principal things she did with her new wheels was design an epic excursion to the place where she grew up, Mandeni in KZN.
"I drove down to Durban with my sister to shock my mother. It was depleting, I was so worn out, however, observing my family's countenances was justified, despite all the trouble. My mother was so cheerful. I went inside and revealed to her I was home and that I came in my own particular auto. She didn't generally trust me," Sphelele said with a giggle.

Her mother didn't have any acquaintance with her girl was getting an auto and, apparently, she was totes pleased with her.

“I truly am comfortable for my daughter, it’s wonderful to see her go forward, I pray for her all the time, and I pray that bigger and better things are coming to her direction,” Sphelele’s mom said.